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Why Employee Licence Checks Are So Important?

August 17th, 2023

If your business requires your employees to operate vehicles, then you’re obliged to ensure that they can legally and safely drive on behalf of the company. Performing a driver’s license check can be done by contacting the relevant state authority, and you can even do it online: 

Some companies perform annual updates, whereas others check every six months to ensure that licenses aren’t suspended. We recommend implementing a driver questionnaire during the employment phase for several reasons.

First, check the employee’s driving history. You don’t want someone with a bad driving history operating your company assets. Second, it formally obligates the employee to advise you if something changes, for example, if they incur a suspension or lose their license. Third, it clarifies the employee’s obligations to make good on damages if they don’t notify you of any changes.

Don’t make the costly mistake of assuming that your employees have a valid license. If an unlicensed employee is involved in an accident, your company could be held responsible. Possible consequences include fines, investigations, and even corporate manslaughter charges.

At Interlink, we can help you manage these risks. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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